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Detailed Instructions

System requirements

Anyecard can be installed on web servers which supports CGI standard, including UNIX, Linux and Windows NT/2000. The basic requirements for Anyecard are

  • CGI access. Your server must allow you to install your own CGI scripts. Normally, the CGI scripts are installed under a directory named cgi-bin/, cgi-local/, cgibin/, scripts/, etc. Consult your ISP on this.
  • PERL 5.004 and up. PERL Version 4 won't work. Some systems have both PERL 5 and PERL 4 installed, you need to find out the path to PERL 5. If you have telnet access to your server, the command "perl -v" will show the perl version. Perl 5.003 and earlier has bugs which prevent AnyBoard from working correctly.

Your ISP should have a FAQ page answer questions such as CGI access and perl scripts. Always consult your ISP if not sure.

Download Anyecard Free Version (links directly to file), unzips it, you will find a script file named anyecard.cgi, which is the Anyecard program.

Installation procedures

  1. Unzip file

    You will see one file anyecard.cgi and two directories anyecard_install/, anyecard/:

    • anyecard.cgi: the main anyecard CGI script
    • anyecard_install/: contains subfolders
      • libecard/ : the directory which contains the modules used by Anyecard
      • anyecard_data/: the directory of Anyecard data files
      • install.txt: installation file
      • license.txt: license file
    • anyecard/ : the subfolders of image files

    During this installation, you only need to modify fewer than 5 variables in anyecard.cgi script and copy anyecard_install/, anyecard/ to corresponding directories. Very simple!

  2. Move whole anyecard_install/ directory to where you want to install Anyecard. For example, you create a directory call webinstall/ under /home/ to install the software. Then you move anyecard_install/ to under /home/webinstall/. So far, you have directory /home/webinstall/anyecard_install in this example.
  3. Edit script file anyecard.cgi. ($xxx stands for a perl variable in this section.)
    • Edit the first line of the script to point to the path of perl5. By default it is /usr/bin/perl, some systems may have installed perl5 at /usr/local/bin/perl
    • Change the variable $anyecard_dir to point to the absolute directory of the anyecard_install/ (see step 2). In the example: $anyecard_dir="/home/webinstall/anyecard_install/";
    • Make sure the the above $anyecard_dir/ directory, which is /home/webinstall/anyecard_install/ in the example, is writable by the cgi program.
    • Move anyecard/ directory to under your web server root directory.

      For example, web server root is /home/www/, and you create a subfolder call myanyecard/ under it. anyecard/ directory is moved to under /home/www/myanyecard/. Now you have directory /home/www/myanyecard/anyecard/.

      Change variable $topurl to your site URL accordingly.


      Change variable $docroot accordingly.


    • Set mail sending options
      • If use SMTP server, change variable $smtp_server to be your smtp server, if different from localhost and set

        $use_sendmail = 0;

      • If use sendmail, set

        $use_sendmail = 1;

        and $sendmail_cmd to the corresponding path of your system with -t option, for example

        $sendmail_cmd = "/usr/lib/sendmail -t";

    • Set variable $fixsendermail to be your mail address if you want card sender address fixed.

      Some mail servers do not allow the mail to be sent from the other domains. In this case, $fixsendermail has to be set. Be sure to escape "@" in the mail address. For example, "" need to be set as

      $fixsendermail = anyecard\;

  4. Install the modified anyecard.cgi to your CGI-BIN/ directory. change its permission to be executable.
  5. Congratulations! You have successfully installed Anyecard. Now, Logon as adminstrator to config your Anyecard, or just use default settings.

    Got to link


    Default username is admin, password is admin. Change admin password after logon.

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